The Sierra Sanctuary


About the Sierra Sanctuary

The Sierra Sanctuary is a one day event focused on restoring the mind and body at the beautiful and historic Diamond S Barn in Beckwourth California on July 16, 2021. It is a feature of the Lost Sierra Convergence, the Festival of Adventure! This year, we are featuring Kundalini Yoga provided by the Bee Hive Camp which is lead by Lisa Taylor of the Hive Holistic, Alixandra Laub of Tahoe Petrichor will be demonstrating a cedar oil distillation and The Cosmic Hearts, the duo of Cheryl Bowers and Jonny Cosmic performing a sound bath. In addition, we will offer up 30, 60 full body massage appointments along with impromptu chair massage through the weekend. This day is designed to reset and get yourself ready for the next adventure! Furthermore, if you are interested in camping for the weekend, check out the Lost Sierra Convergence information. To join the Sierra Sanctuary, please see below for more details and reserve your spot today. See you soon and Thank you for your support!

About Bee Hive Camp and Yoga

The Bee Hive Camp will be leading a Kundalini Yoga 90 minute session during the Sierra Sanctuary on July 16th at 9 AM. Additionally, this group will take a field trip to the Sierra Valley Famers Market followed by a cooking class. For the Lost Sierra Convergence, the Bee Hive Camp will conduct additional yoga sessions on Thursday (7/15) at 5 PM, Saturday (7/17) and Sunday (7/18) at 9 AM. 90 minute sessions are only $10 each. If you are interested in joining any of the sessions click on the following red button. If you are interested in camping with the Bee Hive, click here.

About Tahoe Petrichor Cedar Oil Distillation

Tahoe Petrichor will be using each of the elements; water, earth, air, and fire to demonstrate how essential oils and hydrosols are produced. Using a traditional copper alembic still, Petrichor will be filling the barn with local incense cedar and lavender aromas from 4 to 6pm on July 16th.

Stop by to take home a bottle of freshly distilled forest + flower hydrosol or choose from other locally sourced herbal goods.

About the Cosmic Hearts Sound Bath

At 6 PM on July 16th, join The Cosmic Hearts, the duo of Jonny Cosmic and Cheryl Bowers for a beautiful hour long sound bath as we create a sacred soundscape with planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, rattles plus singing and chanting. A orchestrated experience
that will help rejuvenate your body, and relax your mind.

Bring your yoga mat to rest upon, a small pillow or something to make your head comfortable, and your water, plus an open mind and an open heart, as we journey together through the medicine of vibrational frequencies of healing sounds. The 60 minute session is only $20. Click the red button to reserve your spot!

About the Massage Sessions

Cheryl Bowers LMT , 12 year licensed body worker. She is a local Nevada resident. Growing up here molded me into the most special body worker.

As she became familiar with athletes , over the years, from the infinite accessibility of all things mountains, lakes, and trails in the sierras. She learned to understand the body and it functions quickly related to sports and heavy movement . Becoming a deep tissue and sports massage focused therapist. Her hands they say, have a kind of mind of their own , they will reach for and can start to work on your exact places of pain, tightness, soreness and points needed work. Intuitively she find what needs work and start there.

She is a Vibrational therapist and also work on the energetic level with your mind body and soul. She loves her job and look forward to helping you .

Cheryl is available for 30 min and hour sessions starting on Friday, the 16th through the weekend. She is also offering per minute chair massage. The schedule is subject to change. Reserve your spot today by hitting the red buttons below.

Schedule of Events

  • 9 AM – Bee Hive Yoga
  • 11 AM -Field Trip to Sierra Valley Farmers Market
  • Noon – Bee Hive Cooking Class
  • 4 PM – Tahoe Petrichor Cedar Oil Distillation
  • 6 PM – The Cosmic Hearts Sound Bath

Location: 39.7902580 – 120.3912950 * Use Google Maps

45 Min from Reno/Truckee. 2 Hours from Sacramento. 4 Hours from Oakland/San Francisco