The Beehive Camp


About the Bee Hive Camp

Black and white; yin and yang; physical and mental. The Bee Hive camp loves these two extremes and creating harmony among them. 

Joining together over physical and the spiritual – through activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more!

About Kundalini Yoga

The yoga of awareness, or Kundalini Yoga is for all ages and abilities. It is a simple and effective type of ancient yoga that is geared to a ‘householder’ – someone living in the world today that has many responsibilities, duties and desires balance.

A complete yoga practice, each class consists of 4 parts: asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and mantra. Through this perfectly designed approach, we can live a healthy, happy and holy life while managing the challenges of the time. We are in the age where

information is readily available to all rather than a select few at the top of the hierarchy. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, overstimulated and having a desire to check out. We are in an age where things come quickly therefore, we must lead with our intuition and heart rather than purely our logical mind.

Read more about Kundalini yoga here.

Classes scheduled for Convergence:

Each class is 90 minutes

  • Thursday 5pm
  • Friday 9am
  • Saturday 9am
  • Sunday 9am

Camp Cooking Class

Join us as we select seasonal bounty to cook up a camp meal!

We’ll trek to the farmers market, select some prize items and come back to camp to make a great summer meal. 

Menu items:

Grilled Stone Fruit Salad and Armenian Summer Salad

What to bring for class:

  • sharp chopping knife used for slicing and dicing
  • bowls of varying sizes – at least 3
  • spatulas and tongs
  • salt, pepper and spices
  • cutting boards – 2, ideally
  • olive oil
  • cash to purchase items from the farmers market

Featured Vendor

Skincare products made from the Tahoe Basin wilderness

Questions? email Lisa