2021 The Great Frontier Cook Off at the Pure 4×4 Basecamp Information and Registration


.::WHAT: The First ….  The Great Frontier Cook Off at the Pure 4×4 Basecamp. This will be your chance to demonstrate your fine culinary skills in all out competition against your peers. The main dish is PAELLA! Each team will be given everything to make a basic paella. It will be up the team to provide the protein of the choice to make their dish unique and ultimately the winner!!! Let’s FARM FUN!

Entry Fee: $75 per team. Only 6 teams are allowed with a maximum of 4 people per team. One Stagger Lee Goods Apron will be included. Additional aprons will be available to participants at a special cost. Also, each registration will receive a complimentary campsite at the next Lost Sierra Convergence from July 15th to 18th which give a team another change to enter the next cook off!

.::WHERE: Sierra Valley Basecamp

.::WHEN: May 7, 2021 5:00 to 7:00 PM

.::Teams: You may participate in the competition individually or as a member of a team. Multiple teams from the same camp are allowed, provided that no individual serves on more than one team. You may not participate in the competition individually if you are a member of a team. Each team will be required to have a team name. This is for judging and documentation purposes. One team member must serve as the team leader. Each team is required to have a team captain for contact purposes

.::Time Limits: Dishes must be ready on time. This allows judges to evaluate each dish. It is HIGHLY encouraged for teams to get to the site well in advance for preparation, etc. (At least 2-3 hours recommended).

How does the competition work ?

.::Cooking process: Each team will be given everything to make a basic paella i.e.; pan, rice, proteins, tomatoes, spices, herbs, oil, wine, broth, cooking source.  Each team may go back to their camp to bring back any ingredients to elevate their dish. 

.::Judging Process: Judging will be conducted by a panel of independent qualified judges and by attendees that purchase a ticket. The decisions of the judges are final in all matters related to the competition.  There will be a judges winner and the people’s choice winner. Check back here to sign up as judge.

At 4:30 PM, all the selected cooks join to read the rules and receive the last instructions from the  qualified judges. As soon as the meeting finishes  with the members of the jury  the cooks move  to the designated places where the competition will take place.

At 5:00 PM, the jury will officially initiate the competition.

.::Judging Criteria: Judging will be based on a predefined set of criteria. Items such as quality of the rice, texture, caramelization, presentation, etc. However, teams are encouraged to be creative in line with the spirit of the event.


Awards and Prizes

More prizes are being added to each category. Check back here for more announcements and follow @TheGreatFrontierCollective on Instagram.


Registration is limited to 6 teams. We will offer a waitlist should any teams cancel. Hit the following button to secure your spot.

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