Lost Sierra Basecamp Camping Rules


Diamond S Ranch


Welcome to the Diamond S Ranch! Here are just a few things to consider in order ensure the ranch is available for your future events. Enjoy!


  • No open campfires unless authorized by ranch personnel ahead of time. This will be dependent on the current risk of forest fires. We do have 2 large fire pits available for use in front of the barn in the graveled area…just ask!
  • Please smoke in designated areas or your vehicle only, fire danger is real! If your vehicle catches on fire, honk the horn, we’ll do our best!
  • Do not waste water! The ranch water system is spring fed and requires recovery time to replenish itself, please be stingy with your usage! Oh…the water is non-potable. (This disclaimer is intended to keep the lawyers away!)
  • We are animal lovers! But…please keep your pets and unruly Husbands on a leash at all times. Pick up after them as necessary…
  • This one’s a “no-brainer”. Do not litter! You will notice that the ranch is not covered with trash, let’s keep it that way. You have our permission to pick up any litter you see and put it in the trash can…really! (Thanks for your help on this one…I HATE trash!)
  • There is an awesome trail system on the ranch. (Approximately 27 miles) It is intended for Mountain Biking, Hiking, bears and mountain lions, and use by businesses that sub-let the ranch. Unfortunately, no dirt bikes are allowed. We tried it and it didn’t work. (I’m bummed, I love dirt bikes!!!)
  • If you are using the trail system, stay on it! There is no need to act like Daniel Boone and go out blazing your own trails. We got this!
  • Please keep all your activities south of the barn. (That’s the other way from North) The ranch is still occupied by Mom and Dad and even though at their age they don’t hear too well, they deserve not to be disturbed. (Yes, they still know how to use a shotgun!)
  • Curfews? (That means time to zip it up and be quiet ‘cause your neighbor is trying to get some shut-eye.) Every event is different, find out from your organizer what is expected from your group. We need to keep it quiet at a reasonable hour because if we don’t, the neighbor we forgot to invite might get even more pissed off and cause us some grief!
  • A certified drag strip is ¼ mile long, the road coming into the ranch is not… keep it slow…calm down…relax…shut the cell phone off…RELAX and have fun!

After writing all this up, I realized that it was a total waste of time. I could have accomplished it all with a simple, three word sentence. Here it is: Be An Adult! Done…