Vehicle Model
2013 Toyota Tacoma

Primary Category
Best Truck

Secondary Category
Best Home Built

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Additional Info
Started out buying the truck for necessity and some minor weekend adventures but that did not last for long. With the upcoming birth of our son, I figured I should start some modding ad adventures while I can but this would only be the start as I have made it a mission to build this up so that we can explore carve out some memories. He may only be 2 but his favorite thing to do is fix Daddy’s truck and go for more drives. “more fast” he says. Its been an adventure for sure. Last year I won a supercharger at FJSummit that I recently finished installing myself given shelter i place. We are itching hit the trails again. I have pretty much installed everything on my truck minus any of the welding. I have yet to pick that up. First time doing much of this stuff but if you do not break it then you will not know how to fix it. Mod List has become pretty extensive after living most of the trucks life stock.