Vehicle Model
2018 Mercedes Benz

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Best Van

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Best Equipped

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Additional Info
After a test drive of this Sprinter I was instantly sold, and set my sights on making it as offroad capable as possible. It’s first of many trips for modifications was Agile Offroad where it received custom suspension, ARB onboard air, lights, and skid plates. Larger BFG Ko2 tires were wrapped around OEM black powder-coated steel rims. In preparation for its first offroad outing with the kids just 1 month after purchase, I took it to American Vanwerks for windows and seats to transform the cargo van to a decent passenger van. More mods soon followed. Full insulation and sound deadening was provided by Noica USA. Audio included Kenwood 7″ screen and integrated dash cam by Luxe CC. The front rims were custom made to be wider for larger tires. The sprinter received additional suspension support from Vancompass and SuperSprings. Then, the custom bug hit. I took the van to Rugged Design Concepts and proceeded to get a roof rack, rear ladder, rock sliders, customer TRED mounting plate, Alucab 270 Shadow awning brackets, interior storage, slide, sub-frame, bed panel, light brackets. You name it. Anything I wanted they made it. Dont get me started on lights. I was fortunate to gain support from Baja Designs and soon had nearly 100,000 lumens between 25 lights! I also installed a custom front bumper by CAtunedOffroad which transformed the face of the Sprinter. A pair of TrackSpec Motorsports heat extraction hood vents further separated the Sprinter from the pack. When Corona hit, the Sprinter got some extra goodies like a weboost x-drive, Midland radio, Renntech tune, and customer intake. This sprinter has been so much fun to build and take out on trips. Big shout out to Weekend Offroad. These guys hooked me on this lifestyle and I’ve learned so much from them and everyone I’ve met along the way!