Vehicle Model
2003 Mercedes-Benz G 500

Primary Category
Best SUV

Secondary Category
Best Equipped
Best Home Built
Best Quiver

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Additional Info

I bought this vehicle primarily to set it up for overlanding. I installed most of the upgrades and equipment in my driveway coz that’s half the fun of building an overland rig. First modifications I did were suspension upgrade to king 2.5” adjustable shocks and 2” lift springs. Added roof rack to carry my rooftop tent and bicycle rack. My tent sleeps 4 and also can hold some load which is helpful since the tent took most of the space on my roof rack. I tried to squeeze in as much as I can outside the vehicle so I can have the cargo area for all my camping essentials such as dometic cfx3 55im fridge, a couple of front runner boxes and potable water tank.

Future modifications I’m planning is to build a custom drawer system in the back that can also be a sleeping platform, additional suspension lift, bigger tires, regearing, and a shower.